The Wizard of OZ Glinda The Good Witch Costume Cosplay Set

The Wizard of OZ Glinda The Good Witch Costume Cosplay Set



This Glinda The Good Witch costume was created for my recent "Family in OZ" photo shoot. I am offering the gown, crown, wand and accessories for sale.

The gown has a lace and sequin bodice with a back cut out, corset style with pink lacing (fits a range of sizes). The sleeves were custom made and added to the base gown as was the overlay of star organza fabric. The star organza does not wrap all the way around as part of my design (see images). The long mesh sleeves have stretch. The puff sleeves house fabric to keep the shape. The under pinning was also custom made to create the shape of the dress. We used excess fabric to create Pannier style side bustles so the sides have volume and the front lays flat as Glinda's did in the film. The hand painted and jeweled silver butterflies are all clip on's so you can move them to whatever location you want on the gown. The necklace is a vintage faux-pearl with butterfly clipped on (it's 2 pieces).

The crown is adjustable in size and had velcroe closures.

The wand was hand made and jeweled. The star is jeweled on both sides using the same colors as Glinda's and from the film. The crown was also hand embellished.

Gown Measurements:

B = 40"-44.5"

W = 36"- 38.5"

H = Open

Length = 59" from shoulder to hem.

*Accessory measurements:

Wand: 38" Long

Brooch: Faux Pearl and rhinestones - not attached to the dress, from the 1950's.

Hat: 12" High X 25" Wide when laid out flat. It will fit a variety of heads. Double velcroe closures.

Butterfly Clip: Large - 4" x 5" (1) - Small body 2" x 3" wingspan (3)

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