Evolution Vintage: Measuring

  1. In my years of online shopping and selling I have always had an issue with time constraints, search methods relying on subjective word tags and fit. I have wasted countless hours searching manually through vintage listings on various online platforms only to be left exhausted and frustrated when I finally found what I like the garment is too small or too big. We have designed a way for you to save time and frustration and shop for one of a kind Vintage items using your current bust, waist and hip measurements in inches. 


Please use a soft tape measure (found inexpensively online or at a craft/sewing/quilting store). Refer to the diagram above to gather your current measurements. Some women like a looser fit in the hip so for example, if your hip measurements 40" please enter 42" or whatever alternate number you would like depending on your style. Place your custom measurement values in the search engine to acquire the garment that fits you the way you want.


Each garment is measured flat (and stretched to capacity if there is an elastic waist or stretch fabric). Bust (B), Waist (W), Hip (H), Length (L), Sleeve Length (SL) will all be indicated in the details of each listing.


Once your unique measurement values are entered you will see the inventory from the eBoutique that FIT YOU. Using your own numbers you will not see any garments to big or too small (unless you choose those values). You can also search by era, color, fabric, or silhouette if you should choose to.


Please reach out with any questions or issues you may encounter. this sorting tool was deigned to make your online shopping experience quick and easy!



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