Vintage Gold Tone Leaf Statement Cocktail Ring

Vintage Gold Tone Leaf Statement Cocktail Ring



Vintage (AVON) gold tone leaf (locket). Brushed finish. Place a photo or phrase inside. Set on 24k gold brushed finish mount. Adjustable. Measures: 2.25" X 1 3/4"

EVOLUTION REWIND is where Fashion's Past and Fashion's Future collide. It is the NEW accessory division of EVOLUTION VINTAGE. The collection was created by ME, Stylist and Owner of Evolution Vintage LisaG in an effort to Re-Style Fashion's past current. In my PROFashional opinion the brooch has never really made a big come back as far as accessories are concerned. In my experience women tend to view them as matronly or they are not sure how to style them. On the flip side an authentic Vintage "statement" cocktail ring is very hard to come by. I wanted to merge these two accessories together in a format that was accessible to everyone, in both size and price.

The Process: I select and source every brooch. I can assure my clients that EVERY REWIND ring will be a one-of-a-kind piece. The brooches are ALL true Vintage pieces (20+ years old). They therefore have character; marks, chips, discolorations and/or what some may perceive as "flaws". I however perceive these items as signs of character which add's to the uniqueness of each piece. Virtually all are excellent to mint condition but some show signs of a previous life.

During the process of creating the collection we have had to adjust and use untraditional methods for mounting each piece. The jeweler on the REWIND team along with her colleagues attempted to laser and tig weld the rings as well as using traditional soldering methods, all to no avail. The mixing of the contemporary metals with the wide array of vintage alloy metals turned out to be a real challenge. The alloys are porous and do not adhere properly to the contemporary ring mounts using traditional welding methods. We did use jewelers grade epoxy cement to mount each piece. This epoxy is specific to adhere to mixed metals.

The Mount: The ring mounts/bands are brass with a 24k Gold and Silver plate over brass. Each ring mount is adjustable and therefore accessible to everyone regardless of finger shape or size.

Costume is the NEW Fine: The collection is a unique "costume" ring collection. The Vintage pieces are in a wide array of metals, stones and crystals. The craftsmanship of Vintage brooches are all unique and although "costume" are extremely well made, standing the test of time. The brooches however are still delicate. When adjusting your ring to size USE THE BOTTOM (the mount) as opposed to the actual brooch/statement piece. DO NOT PULL ON THE BROOCH TO ADJUST THE SIZE. Thus to ensure the longevity of your piece. They were designed with common sense durability. I wear statement rings often but certainly not every day. They CAN be worn as often as your wardrobe and lifestyle permits however be cognizant of the delicate nature of the pieces. The initial REWIND piece was worn and tested by me over a period of months with my busy MOMpreneur lifestyle with no issue.

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